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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tion and you all have a great night. coulter. have a great evening everybody. have a great night. >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." the dirty tricks by the republicans have now officially gotten insane. listen to this dvd pretending to be obama's voice. >> these photos were taken a few weeks before christmas 1960 when mom was about five weeks pregnant with me. >> cenk: they're claiming president obama's mom was an important star. porn star. unbelievable. then we'll turn to mitt romney. we'll have fun conversation abouts him. first, is he too cheap? >> you got me bad. >> these things work great. >> talk about frugal. >> he does not like waste.
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>> cenk: unless, of course, it's a car elevator. then we'll discuss whether he's crazy. >> cenk: then there is that story, the teachers' unions and whether some of hollywood's liberal stars are throwing them under the bus. >> you heard about those mothers who lift trucks off their babies babies. they're nothing compared to me. >> cenk: we'll have time to have that discussion. plus rocky anderson, independent, third-party candidate on "the young turks," and elbow of the day, go time. >> obama: governor romney.
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>> romney: very substantial. >> blatantly dishonest answers. >> i've never been in a presidential debate like this. >> obama: who will have the zingers. >> romney: the $10,000 bet. >> no matter how many times they tell you they are he going start talking specifics really soon, they don't do it. >> it would take me too long to go through all of this now. >> the reason is because the math doesn't work. >> the devil is in the details. >> the devil is in the details. the angel is in the policy. >> why are you and romney losing? >> cenk: indeed, why are you losing? well, ladies and gentlemen it appears we got 'em. now last week i predicted that the race was over. but before that if you watch the show you know on set 19th i made a different prediction, not only would we believe that, but the republicans would believe it and act in accordance. we're going to count up, and
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we're going to find out how many days it will take before the republicans pull the chute and say, no, we're not putting any more money in the presidential race. we're shifting the money in the senate and congressional races because it will happen, and it appears that it has happened. listen to the report on fox news channel. >> so what does this mean, charlie? that they think president obama is getting re-elected? >> yes, you have key republican donors many in new york, i know a lot of big money guys here. that money, from what i understand, is starting to be diverted to the house and senate races. that is not good news for mitt romney. >> cenk: there you have it on fox business saying it is over. they're diverting the money. we were going to count for you how many days it took before the recommendation gave in, and it turns out it only took 14 days after the tape was released showing mitt romney's 47%
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comment. that's when we start started the "countdown." it's already over. rich owners saying this guy cannot win let's at least try to save the senate and the house. damn that hurts. this is the reason why. right now "huffington post" with the announcement if the election was held today, when would be the likely outcome. he only needs 270 to win. even the associated press, which is much more conservative has president obama has 271 already locked up, which means he would win the election. romney is only at 206. furthermore the associated press says in order for mitt romney to win, he would have to switch all these states. he needs florida colorado, and nevada and north carolina, and new hampshire, and virginia, and
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either ohio or iowa. but he's not winning in any of those states oops. divert the money. divert the money. run, run run. right now they're running for the hills. now that you're in these desperate straits, what are you going to do? you're going to go to dirty tricks, and on friday we started to tell but that. in five swing states hey look at that, those are the states that romney needs colorado nevada, north carolina, and florida and virginia, the states we gave you just a second go doing dirty tricks, and got busted. then the republican party fired them saying, we don't know about those guys. here is a guy on colorado only doing registrations for republicans. >> who are you region rejistrating.
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>> we're registering only republicans. >> you said you're only registering only republicans. >> we're trying to. >> she worked with the same republican hacks who got caught. since they've been caught the republicans are say hey we are not going to register any more voters. that's it. we're done. they're not trying to register voters any more because they got their hand caught in the cookie jar. this is a mess. it's happening all across the country, and in fact, in california g.o.p. registration went up 20%.
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and 27,000 residents have become republicans since january. they're doing fantastic. no, they aren't not. they're cheating registering only republicans. now they're caught, and now they have to run away from that. it's ever where. and then it gets even worse. other own tricia rose, the professor, we call her was in ohio and snapped this picture of the billboard. obama supports gay marriage and abortion. do you? vote republican. we got 'em. he supports gay marriage. ha-ha. five polls in a row in ohio with the larger than five-point lead for president obama. so i guess your ha-ha he's for gay marriage didn't work. you go lower and dirtier. here is another billboard. this one is in texas. it says, the seals removed one
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threat to america. remove the other in november. that's sick. speaking of sick, it gets worse. now they're sending out these dvds, a million of them to swing states particularly in ohio. we got this one from one of our viewers who lives in ohio who had it mailed to them. in this tape they seem to be pretending that president obama is speaking. he's talking about his mom and how she was a porn star. get a load of this. >> these photos were taken a few weeks before christmas 1960 when mom was about five weeks pregnant with me. there's no mistaking this is my mom. >> cenk: no, there is mistaking it okay? that is unbelievable. when you thought they couldn't go any lower not only are they pretending that video that president obama's father is actually not kenyan.
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that's a new one. that's unique, but that his mom was in porn. unreal. let's bring in michael hastings who is covering the obama campaign, and he's in nevada with them right now. i have one quick question for you, michael. what is president obama's campaign reaction? are they amused, chagrined? what is their reaction. >> my reaction, look, they're taking it very seriously. especially the voter suppression efforts. they have what is called a voter protection officer in each of the major swing states on election day. there will be teams of voter protection volunteers to make sure that everyone who shows up at the poll to make sure they can vote if they're legally allowed to vote. and when you listen to the stump
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speeches, especially michelle obama's sump stump speech encouraging people to vote. they will come home and drive the points home, especially in communities of latinos and black communities, but that has a huge effort using the pulpit and the grassroots networks that they'll have on election day. >> cenk: michael hastings, terrific reporting as usual. thank you. >> thank you. >> cenk: problem number one for romney is that they don't have the goods. they just don't have a plan that addings up. in fact, paul ryan will tell you i don't want to do the math. >> you haven't given me the math. >> well, i don't have the time. it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >> cenk: oh really too long.
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well we'll break it down for you in the next segment. then some of holy spirit's top liberals are going after the teacher's union, and there is a trick behind that. find out who is financing the movie. we'll have that later in the movie. [ laughing ] >> try it again. >> i can't. >> i think there are real problems inside the and good luck. ♪
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>> cenk: of course, the debates start this week. the first one is on wednesday and it will be covering here on current with vice president al gore and myself and the rest of the fun gang. everyone is discussing who is going to win the debates and can romney knock out president obama because he needs a knock
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knockout punch etc. you got to understand something. these debates are not for rhetorical customerses. facts matter. that's problem number one for the republicans. they don't have facts on their side. when paul ryan has challenged on the specifics of the plan, this is how badly he bungled on on the fox news channel. >> the problem is that everybody knows the specifics. >> let's talk about the specifics. >> i won't get into the baseline argument with you because that's what this is all about. >> i haven't given me the math. >> i don't have the time. it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >> cenk: that's just not true. that's not the problem. the problem is that the math does not add up. if you give a 20% tax cult cut across the board and they will take away home mortgage deductions from the middle class that adds up to trillions of dollars in
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deficit why? because the giant tax cut for the rich. that's why he doesn't want get into the math, and that's why romney will have a tough time at the debates. facts are not on their side. obama has boxed them in on so many issues, highways been right wing. they can't criticize him from the progressive so they have to go further right. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal. >> this used to be a republican idea by the way the individual mandate. it's like they have amnesia. >> i will close guantanamo. >> i believe we need to look forward as opposeed to looking backwards. >> n.a.t.o. will maintain an enduring commitment. >> we then offer additional
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$650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. >> this is a targeted focused effort at people who are on a list. >> there are a lot of republican who is are puzzled as to why it couldn't get done. >> i told them i'm prepared to do additional spending cuts and entitlement reform. >> cenk: where are you going to go? he said he's going to do with entitlement cuts. you can't criticize him from the left but you can criticize him from the right. >> what would you like to say to mr. romney. >> obama: good luck tonight. >> no, really. >> obama: really. >> cenk: now, that was during
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the republican primaries when mitt romney was about to go to debates. but that could be say going into the debate with. we have michael shure and senior editor for the "new republic." i want to run this by you. it looks like romney is in a big load of trouble when it comes do the debates because he does not have much room to attack president obama. am i seeing this wrong? >> no, i think you're right. if i had one major strategic criticism of the romney campaign, they never migrated to the middle of the spectrum. ever since he had to move rights during the primaryies to offset
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challenges from newt gringrich and rick perry he maintained the base but it's mystifying that he never moved center. i agree with you the guy has boxed himself in on the far right political spectrum, and it's not the place you want to be with a month before the election day. >> cenk: i think moam made a good point the whole idea was that he was more electable. >> newt gringrich forever is saying he's not the most electable because he's being something now that he will not be in the fall. to add to what moam is saying what becomes a problem for romney is he doesn't know which way to go. wherever he steps he's offending someone. it's kind of like the movie "dumb and dumber" when they got to the party finally but once at the party they couldn't stay there.
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whatever ruse they created to get where they're going but once they were there--i'd edits agree with--i would disagree with you on one part. people want to see the demeanor of mitt romney. >> cenk: the demeanor ain't going to cut it for all the swing states. that's where he runs into real trouble. i like how you substantively quoted the movie "dumb and dumber." you mentioned real scenes in there. you wrote an interesting article about paul ryan, speaking of "dumb and dumber." speaking of the topic we were discussing romney went further right picking his v.p. he was supposed to to help him. >> what is interesting on the polling of medicare and seniors who is obama's weakest demographic basically until the last month or two?
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it was seniors. seniors were very suspicious of obama. the foreignness the youth they saw him as liberal. and we've seen a dramatic turn around in call the key states. if you peel it back a little more, you find that is overwhelmingly related to the medicare question. the numbers on the medicare question particularly among seniors has shifted dramatically in obama's direction in just a month after ryan was initially picked. you'll recall they went very hard on medicare. they decided to run to their weakness, and they started to basically just lying or at least being incredibly dishonest saying that obama is going to do this and had cut 700 billion in change when, in fact ryan had cut the same amount in his budget proposal. you saw a little tightening when ryan was picked for the ticket,
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but the numbers have gone overwhelmingly in the other direction. seniors are now very much supporting obama in these swing states, and if you look at that medicare question its devastating for romney and ryan. >> cenk: last word on this, and if noam is right and i've seen the polls, and he is right going further right didn't work. you can't really criticize president from the left, i don't think you can if you're republican. what do they have left? >> they don't have states to run to, and i think they've played that chess game. i think he's inextricably tied to ryan, and i hate to see t but they'll have to double down and have the of a presidential presence. that's what is going to make the difference for romney. the substance isn't. i think seeming presidential, going in as an underdog, which is he is going as president
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that's the only hope he has. and that's very slim. >> if it's that hopeless in the debate, he may have less hope than i realized. great analysis. now when we come back, there is a new hollywood movie out against teachers' unions. the conservatives have figured it out, go hollywood. this is pretty nefarious. i'll show you the real reason why think made this movie. [ bell ringing ] >> go, we're late, go, g. >> 9 adults in this situation are disagreeing to such a point we're not making the changes we need to make to serve our kids, we're all failing. >> cenk: maggie gyllenhaal is a real progressive, but i think she's on the wrong track on this. and later in the show, the elbow of the day. who gave it on tyt on current.
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we'll take your guess there is. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct. double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies.
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. tt >> cenk: hey you know what? turns out hollywood influences culture. instead of us explaining about
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liberal hollywood, why don't we take it over? that's exactly what they're trying to do now. there is a new movie called "won't back down" it's about teachers' unions, students and starring several hollywood stars. let me give a clip from the movie. >> you can't to take over the school with me? >> you think that's dumb. >> i think it's a knockout. >> there are drugs, gangs. >> you change the school you change the neighborhood. >> you think you can turn it around. >> i can't for certain. >> 100% yes. >> i'm trying to explained to you. >> are you the one out there leading the charge? >> i saw you teach. you're really good at it. >> cenk: so the problem is the movie depicts teachers' unions as the enemy as the bad guy. and there is a teacher there who is trying to start a charter school. charter schools are the good guys, it's all the teacher-union
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fault. who is behind the movie? philip anshen. one of the top conservative donors in the country. by the way they've coproduced "waiting for superman" which also had the theme of teachers' unions, it's all their fault. if we could get rid of them and make everything private wouldn't it be terrific? i'm not sure about it. let's look into philip anschutz. he advocates creationist in school funds anti-same-sex marriage groups, anti-environmental regulations anti-union rights. he has a financial incentive to get rid of unions and teach nonsense in our schools. what is standing in his way? teachers' unions.
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he's going to be much more clever than they usually are. using movies like this which is disguiseds propaganda. in the parent trigger law which would close the school out right. who is in favor of parent trigger laws? and who came up with them? alec. the american ledge stiff exchange council that is the extreme right wing group that came up stand your up with the stand your ground laws. you can see where this is coming from. when you ask parents about it, they're savvier than the average bear. listen to this mom. >> that is not a solution that is a real solution that will improve students' education. my concern is that a lot of democrats are going along with it and you'll pass policies
10:29 pm
that support this. >> cenk: she's exactly right. now why do those high-level democrats go along with it? it might have something to do with the money la bow ski. rahm emmanuel got $12 million from anti-union charter school advocates. and it's all about the money. whether they're republicans or democrats that are selling out to that money. now maggie gyllenhaal, who is a real progressive, tries to defend the movie when she's talking about it. >> it's okay to find fault inside of an constitution that you--inside of an institution that you ultimately believe in. i think there are problems in the teachers' union because ultimately the adults in this situation are not agreeing to the point this we're not able to make the changes we need to make
10:30 pm
in order to serve our kids, we're all failing into i'm sure she means well, but maggie, you got it all wrong. here is reason why they go after the teachers' union. there is only one group that leads democrats out of the top five donors, that is the teachers' unions. it's the national education association. they're number four on that list. every other person on that list is a republican. they want to eliminate the teachers' unions so republicans can win easier. let's bring in our own professor professor, tricia rose professor at brown university. i'm curious on your thoughts about this, professor rose, what do you make of this? >> you know, cenk, in is a strategic education. union versus been under enormous assault over the past 40 years. they're at an low and it's a
10:31 pm
been a continuous attack. it's the idea that union workers get liveable wages, and this resource is interrupted by unions. in the case of this teachers' union and this film, this is an appalling campaign to take real parents' concern and anxiety about the quality of education and dutch dump it on one source of a massive web. it's very disappointing to see actors and actresses and others really being so deeply unaware of this assault. >> cenk: professor rose, one more thing i see why they're attacking teachers' unions as we just laid out the case, but i've begun to change my mind on the idea of this whole school choice. originally i'm an american. oh competition that will solve it, and then we bring in charter
10:32 pm
schools, and i thought that might work. now i'm beginning to think that with these private schools they're sucking out all the kids that have more motivated parents, that are more motivated to do better, and then they are leaving everybody else in the public schools, and then telling the rich folks by the way i'm taking your tax dollars. your kids aren't even going to those public schools let's take money out of it. it seems that we have a vicious cycle towards the public schools. >> yes, the idea of the public itself is a collective space where all of us, rich, middle class, working class and poor, share institutions and share resources and contribute resources for the common good and for the development of democracy. there has been a steady decline of all public institutions and attack on them and defunding of them. public schools, for example when after the civil rights movement experienced a deep not
10:33 pm
only resegregation due to taxes but also an elevation of private schools so people can control their private educational spaces. and so this is a really serious crisis. we can't have a shared democracy if we don't share a robust public fear. education is the critical linchpin to maintaining that space. >> cenk: one more thing professor rose if we were all in the same boat, we might be much better off. you think that in l.a. stephen spielberg's kids, tom hanks' kids all the rich movie producers, if they all had to send their kids to public schools, the public schools wouldn't be much better? >> right, not only would they be much better, but we would be able to understand why schools that hoard resources by controlling high tax bases and
10:34 pm
leaving poor-tax base with fewer resources we would understand why there is such a differential. working people, working parents working teachers who are workers are paying the price that we're balancing the economy on their backs. until there is collective buy-in its difficult to see that crisis, and there is no question that we're better off that way. teachers' unions and unions in general have a public relations problem. they need to do a better job and they need changes as well. >> cenk: they're concentrating millions of dollars going in to try to destroy them. they need to--i'm sure they realize it, but they need to fight back much more effectively. professor rose, thank you, as always. >> cenk: when we come back, we're going to talk to someone in the race who is a real progressive--rocky anderson, the head of the justice party. he was mayor in salt lake city, utah. now, if he was in the debates
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how would he pull them to the left? that's when we come back. >> congress and the white house are on the take, and it's the american people who are getting burned. home of the brave. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: who do you think the larger force in america, the democratic party? the republican party? or independent? really, if you guessed independents, you're right. look at this chart since 1990 independents are winning. they used to be lower than democrats and republicans until 1990 but then they take off and as you see they're at the end they're starting to pull away. that's 43% number for the republicans is wrong. independents actually higher than both republicans and democrats. okay so obviously the independents since they're so strong they're representing the upcoming presidential debates right? wrong. they're not represented at all. here is gary johnson from the libertarian party.
10:39 pm
we'll talk to him on the show. he's not there. and then rocky anderson from the justice party. a man who is actually progressive. the man who used to be mayor of salt lake city and the man who joins us now. rocky, i want to ask you about progressives and the debate, but first i want to start with mitt romney. you actually knew mitt romney back during the olympics of salt lake city. is that the same mitt romney that we see today? >> not at all. he's unrecognizable to my. not only inme.not only in terms of radical changes on so many circumstance, but he comes off as so out of touch and a little bit clueless, not the kind of charisma. when we knew him during the olympics he was a good reasonable moderate guy who was pro-choice pro gay and lesbian rights? how else would he have won the
10:40 pm
governorship of massachusetts. the things he has done to change himself, he's very uncomfortable in the skin that his handlers have had him crawl into. >> cenk: now rocky i understand that he does not actually hold those positions that would be my guess as you're indicating here. but the guy's core seems to be do whatever i got to do to win. wouldn't that have been the same guy who says i'll do whatever i need to do in massachusetts i'll be pro-choice, pro gay rights etc. >> may have been, but in my personal interactions together, we became close friend. i got to know his wife ann well. then they had great senses of humor, down to earth. i never saw this out of touchness or this disdain in a he has demonstrated towards ordinary men and women and their families in this community or throughout the country. it's just a very very different
10:41 pm
mitt romney. i think it's extremely sad that he's going to end his political career losing badly in this race, and at the same time having let everybody know that there really doesn't seem to be a core to this man. that's what some people in politics let it do to them. >> cenk: they have talked about how dick cheney became a different man in his career. i don't know what happens to these politicians. but you're not easy on the president either. if you were in the debates rocky, how could you pull the debates to the left some way? how would you challenge them, both of them? >> well, first of all on the economy. neither one of them are going to talk about how we have the greatest discrepancy in income and wealth than at any time since the 1920s. we're living in a new gilded age where we have two very different classes of people economically, and that's been brought to us by
10:42 pm
the kind of tax policies that romney now is at very kateing and that obama has kept in place by keeping those budget-busting bush tax cuts as part of our system these four years. neither one of them will talk about our incarceration rate in this country. it's a huge problem. we have 2--almost 2.4 million people behind bars and there are racist implication there is with the war on drugs, which is a completely failed policy. neither of these parties will talk about it, but it impacts millions of people. we have a half million people now in prison and jail because of drug offenses. when the war on drugs was first commenced, there were fewer than 40,000 now there are over 500,000 people behind bars. three out of four people,
10:43 pm
although blacks and whites do drugs at the same rate. the studies show that. three out of four people imprisoned on drug offenses are black people. 50%-- >> cenk: we're out of time, but i got to ask you one more question. president obama is he a liberal a centrist or in your opinion is he right wing. >> i think he's way right of center. this man has violated every promise he made. every major promise whether it had to do with the military, the war in afghanistan medical marijuana, you name it, he has betrayed the american people on healthcare, and there needs to be a very different voice in this race talking to american people. cenk, the thing that i think people lose sight of is that the third-party candidates actually
10:44 pm
represent the mainstream of american people. poll after poll show it and there has been the pull out of the democratic and republican parties. >> cenk: rocky anderson and presidential candidate this year. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you cenk. >> cenk: we're going to have fun. we'll have conversation whether mitt romney is too cheap and god knows i know cheap. that will be an interesting conversation, and is he crazy? we'll have that when we come back. >> he's so full of energy. i don't know about you but we're similar in that we're a little bit lazy. >> my biggest concern obviously would be his mental well-being. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from
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>> cenk: first topic here. is mitt romney crazy welcome we didn't bring it up. ann romney brought it up. here she is in a local tv interview. >> i think my biggest concern obviously would be just for the the--his mental well-being. >> cenk: that would be her top concern at the white house. i wonder why. mitt romney has said things like this during the primary. >> it seems right here these are the right height. i like seeing the lakes. i love the lakes. >> cenk: okay. asked about our question whether he's going to kick it up in the campaign, he said, look at those
10:49 pm
clouds. it's beautiful. look at those things. what? what in the world are you talking about? then of course there is this weird sinister laugh. [ laughing ] >> i haven't calculated that. >> maybe. [ laughing ] >> cenk: jayar jackson, mitt romney crazy or not crazy. >> he's not crazy. he's desperate detached, and i has no include to connect--no clue how to connect with people. he doesn't know how to speak to people so he says, look at these clouds these lakes, it's perfect. do you like me yet? >> cenk: michael ann romney brought up mental-- >> he's not crazy. mental is how to handle all
10:50 pm
this. >> cenk: look at this. crazy or not crazy. >> i'm going to go with not crazy. i think he's painfully awkward. like in a conversation where you have nothing to say you say how is the weather. >> cenk: he reminds me of a guy who could not pick up girls and said, the trees are all the right height. so we're unanimous he's not crazy. but is he too cheap. this is his own family talking about him. >> you don't have to wear the duct tape ones. >> these are great. >> he's frugal. he does not like waste. >> cenk: now fascinating because he's apparently packs the garbage bags in even tighter because he doesn't want to waste garbage bag because he's charged per bag and he wears the duct tape but he spent $50,000 on the
10:51 pm
car elevator. >> again, he wants people to like him. he'll be the bigwig which he is money-wise, but the garbage bag,s' short on those. he won't spend too much money as we already know. >> he's not cenk uygur cheap, we all know that. >> cenk: i just got my 2011 pontiac grand am fixed up. it still runs fine. i can still drive this thing. is he going to do better with the budget. >> i can't help but respect his thriftiness. we all have our priorities. his is different. he has the elevator in the house but not in the trash. >> cenk: if it stays in the house longer it will smell. that's an issue.
10:52 pm
>> cenk: an union ran ads with his garbage bag in la jolla said that this guy does not even come out and greet me. that's unfair. >> well, that would go to awkwardness. i don't know what he would say to the garbage man at all but it's unfair. i don't know a lot of people who know their garbage collector personally. >> definitely not. >> all the other neighbors come out and hug me and give me gatorade really. >> i met my garbage man but i don't bring him gatorade. >> you don't want him to get used to that. >> thereisisayay b b reaeann 108 why mitt romney should not be president. >> cenk: eliot spitzer with "viewpoint." what is on the show. >> eliot: i was hoping that you would tell me. i've been listening to you trash mitt romney, literally. man you're going down the totem poll. the supreme court term, is is it
10:53 pm
going to be as fun as last year. and libya, an interesting story to see how long the republicans try to flay this one. it won't do them any good. and "countdown" to denver. it will be fun to see them talk about the debate more than the candidates do. we'll have a good time. >> cenk: sounds good. we voted not guilty on all counts of mitt romney. >> eliot: come on, you guys--i'm glad i never had you on one of my juries. >> cenk: thank you eliot. when we come back, elbow of the day. i'm going to tell you who it is. keep it between you and me, it's on paul ryan, but who will deliver it on his head? it's a really fun topic. we'll see when we come back. no no, don't (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, i'll get into cohen to dish on all 36 current housewives, and still have time left over for bethany.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk: did you know since 1825 all but three presidents of the united states of america have been frat brothers. that's kind of depressing stat. well, who fits that bill in this race? paul ryan, boy was he a frat brother. that's his picture from back in the day from the from aterty. whatfrom the from fraternity. what a dork. he has been taking money from fraternityies and $75,000 from the national beer wholesalers association since 1998, and could not get them what they
10:57 pm
wanted which was slashed taxes for brewers. noticing what a frat boy he was manhattan put this billboard up saying doesn't paul ryan remind you of every frat guy you regret sleeping with? not in my case, luckily. ouch. i'm not sure you would have gone in that direction. steve, can you bring back the picture for me? really? this paul ryan picture from back in the day when he was a frat brother? he was a delta delta-delta. i'm not sure that you would sleep with him any way. it's paul ryan,. [ laughing ] i don't know if they went too far, but it was fun any way. thank yo
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